About Us

DWTT – FutureFit™ is an innovative manufacturer and installer of panelised building systems including wall and floor panels, roof and floor trusses, wall frames and ancillary timber products. Servicing the Housing Industry since 1980 throughout Melbourne, Gippsland, Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley. Our business philosophy is to supply innovative products, superior technical advice and back up service at a competitive price. Our reputation in the marketplace is one that speaks for itself, with the small builder to the volume project builder providing many references to support this.

Why choose DWTT – FutureFit™ ?

DWTT have introduced the FutureFit™ Panelised Building System to the Australian market. A proven concept across Germany, Scandinavia and Northern America, and regularly featured in shows like Grand Designs.

FutureFit ™ is the next evolution in housing construction.