(Please note that our office has recently moved to 75 Weerong Rd, Drouin 3818)

Drouin West Timber & Truss (DWTT) is an innovative manufacturer driving the evolution of panelised building systems including wall and floor panels, roof and floor trusses, wall frames and ancillary timber products.

Servicing the housing industry since 1980 throughout Melbourne, Gippsland, Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley. Our business philosophy is to supply innovative products, superior technical advice and back up service at a competitive price. Our reputation in the marketplace is one that speaks for itself, from the small builder to the volume project builder, with many endorsements and industry awards to support this.

We have continued to invest heavily in our people and leading edge technology to ensure our products meet our client’s expectations. DWTT’s mission is to be at the forefront of the Australian Prefab Industry with innovative products such as FutureFit™.

DWTT – FutureFit™ is the Future of home building. And it is here today.

FutureFit™ is the next evolution in construction technology for home and medium density housing with its mission to dramatically reduce the time to achieve ‘lockup’ from weeks to a few days.

The Fit is the unique edge of the FutureFit™ panelised building system. It is based upon superior off-site manufacturing quality, utilising state of the art technology combining 3D CAD software with world class, fully automated multi-function CNC equipment.

The FutureFit™ panelised system combines floor cassettes, fully externally clad wall panels with windows pre-installed, enabling faster speed of construction, improved site productivity and reduced time to lock up, delivering greatly improved economies and safety for projects unmatched by conventional on-site methods.