FutureFit ™ benefits builders by reducing time to lock-up significantly. Faster construction time improves margins and builds competitive advantage. Reducing the complexity of projects by managing fewer trades creates more time for additional productivity.

FutureFit ™ saves builders money by improving cash flow with faster time to lock up and fewer suppliers to pay. Margins also improved through reductions in site theft, materials wastage, weather delays, dump bin and waste disposal charges, scaffolding time cost and delivery delays. Securing more fixed cost inputs minimises “variations” and surprises. Reduced building costs can also be applied to making houses more affordable.

FutureFit ™ saves builders worry by having fewer trades to manage on site and streamlining the whole construction process. Less scaffolding time improves workplace safety. FutureFit ™ increases build quality through less variation. Less variations saves warranty cost, complaints and make goods. Eliminating variations delivers enhanced client satisfaction and this drives the best form of advertising……word of mouth referral from happy clients.

BENEFITS of Prefab

Behind every DWTT-FutureFit project you will find a dedicated team of experts in the fields of Innovation, Marketing, Engineering and Design. With well over 50 years of collective experience backed by Pryda’s and HSBCad’s software support allows DWTT to provide you with a superior end product, fit for purpose and engineered to perform.


DWTT uses state of the art equipment to produce high quality products.


Factory assembly significantly reduces energy consumption and material waste during construction.


DWTT invests in equipment and technology which reduces on-site labour costs and enhances productivity.


Off-site solutions allow builders to reduce losses at job sites due to theft and misuse of materials.


Prefabricating offsite reduces the risk to individuals and material during the production.


Prefab frames and trusses enable the builder to significantly reduce building time.


Construction is less affected by bad weather, resulting in fewer construction day delays.