Top 10 FutureFit ™ FAQs
What type of housing projects can utilise the FutureFit ™ technology / solution ?
  • Medium Density Housing
  • Multi unit, townhouse projects
  • Project home builders
  • Individual designs
  • Coastal properties
  • Retirement living
What type of exterior cladding solutions are ideal ?

Virtually unlimited rendered or painted exterior claddings, including :

  • James Hardie products including the Scyon range,
  • Weathertex
  • Masterwall EPS foam systems
  • CHH Shadow clad
  • Vapour barrier supply and installation is included
How are the FutureFit ™ panels designed and manufactured ?
  • We build each home in 3D CAD to ensure everything fits and works together.
  • In a virtual 3D world our DWTT – FutureFit ™ designers and engineers examine every structural component in the home, which means everything is accounted for before construction begins.
  • After each measurement is calculated and tested, construction instructions are sent from our CAD world to the real world, in our state of the art manufacturing facility where floor and wall panel are precision engineered.
Who supplies and who installs the windows and doors ?
  • The FutureFit ™ solution can incorporate either aluminium or timber framed windows
  • The windows are fully installed into the wall panel at the FutureFit ™ factory, eliminating the expense and risk of onsite handling and elevated installation.
  • Sliding doors can be installed prior to delivery to enable early project lock up
Are the wall systems ply braced ?

Yes all external walls are fully ply braced with 6mm OSB, which eliminates the need for noggins and greatly simplifies the cost and time of post installed services, including, electrical, plumbing and data cables.

How does FutureFit ™ save my time ?

FutureFit ™ benefits builders by significantly reducing time to lock-up, from months down to days. Faster construction time builds competitive advantage. Reducing the complexity of projects by managing fewer trades creates more time for additional productivity.

How does FutureFit ™ save my money ?

FutureFit ™ saves builders money by improving cash flow and margins with faster time to lock up and fewer suppliers to pay. Margins are also improved through reductions in site theft, materials wastage, weather delays, dump bin and waste disposal charges, scaffolding time cost and delivery delays. Securing more fixed cost inputs minimises “variations” and surprises. Reduced building costs can also be applied to making houses more affordable.

How does FutureFit ™ reduce my worries ?

FutureFit ™ saves builders worry by having less trades to manage on site and streamlining the whole construction process. Less scaffolding time improves workplace safety. FutureFit ™ increases build quality through less variation. Less variations saves warranty cost, complaints and make goods. Eliminating variations delivers enhanced client satisfaction and this drives the best form of advertising……word of mouth referral from happy clients !!

How is the FutureFit ™ onsite installation managed ?
  • The team at DWTT manages the entire delivery and install process, with their dedicated crane truck and their qualified and specially trained team of carpenters.
  • Delivery to site is scheduled to match the installation timetable and sequenced to best match the weather and site conditions, this minimises down time delays.
How does the floor system work ?
  • Each DWTT FutureFit ™ floor cassette incorporates engineered timber, open web Longreach™ floor joists combined with 18mm OSB sheet flooring.
  • These cassettes use strongback LVL beams as stiffeners and include a patented and certified lifting brackets for ease of onsite crane installation.
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation can also be incorporated during manufacture.
At what stage should I be considering using FutureFit ™ ?

Ideally as early in the design process as possible as this would allow our design team to recommend the most economic solutions.

What information is needed to get a FutureFit ™ Quote ?

We will require working drawings and engineering, but there are a number of other questions so give us a call.

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